NDIS Documentation

NDIS Verification Documents for Sale

Verification approved…YAY!
I’ve decided to share all the documents I’ve prepared for my NDIS  Provider Verification audit!

I believe it is important for us small business owners and sole traders to be able to provide our services to our NDIS clients! I am an Art Therapist and I have been a registered provider with NDIS clients in the Blue Mountains of NSW since the commencement of the scheme 3 years ago. I received my verification approval as an NDIS Provider using these documents to gain registration in June, 2019.

I only charge $120 for the full package of 9 documents (it represents approximately 100 hours of work). I  know the anxiety that this process of meeting the NDIS’s Quality and Safeguard Standards  causes and I want to help other people who are also working they’re way through their application!

When you receive my documents, all you will  need to do is read the policies I provide, change my name to your name or business name and adjust the documents as necessary to your specific business situation.  I  also provide Client and Environment Risk Assessments and Incident and Complaints reporting registers. You can easily update the branding to include your logo and company.

I will also include an outline of the steps, in order, in the application process.

You’ll be on your way to securing your verification approval to work as an NDIS Provider!

Please email me if you are interested!